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Give Something Back

Thank you, Paul.

You came up with a brilliant no-brainer, your Newman's Own food company. Great taste, great price, all profits to charity.

You didn't get mad when we stole – er, borrowed – your idea to start a company in an industry we know inside and out: business products. We founded Give Something Back in 1991 to provide great and green office products at superstore prices, while raising funds to support our community. So far we've donated more than half our profits, nearly $4 million, to charitable causes.

And we've delighted 17,000 business customers by saving them money on office supplies, furniture and printing, and giving them friendly and efficient personal service.  

That's why we’ve become the largest business to business independent office supplier on the West Coast. We aim to become the biggest in the nation so that we can donate many more millions to community groups.

Thank you, Paul, for your simple but brilliant idea. What a great way to make a living – what a great way to support our community – what a great way to save money on office supplies!

What a no-brainer!

Warm regards,

Sean Marx
Co-founder & CEO
Give Something Back Business Products, Inc.